Are you aware that the first stationary stationary bike was invented in 1796 by Francis Lowndes and it was known as the Gymnasticon? Its sole purpose ended up being to exercise the joints from the body and it was designed to be an accessory for the concept of gymnastics as well as the blossoming practice of physical rehabilitation. The Gymnasticon would be a huge machine that contained cranks, levers and flywheels. Thankfully, today’s innovators have reduced how big this exercise equipment to slot in our very own homes otherwise we’d be forever forced to join an exercise facility a subscription towards the wonderful results of these kinds of machines. This is exactly why the Kettler Company, the very best innovator in exercise equipment today, has developed the Kettler Golf P Eco. This can be a very effective and efficient successor from the original Gymnasticon.

Average Rating: 9 of 10 stars

Key Features:

15 amazing amounts of smooth, quiet motor-controlled magnetic resistance system

Has handheld grip pulse sensors and standard ear clip heartbeat sensors

Has 8 pre set programmes plus 2 heart-rate controlled programmes

Outfitted with unique Heartbeat Light technology

Easy Portability: Fitted with huge castors in front

Comfy and adjustable seats

Ergonomic 3D flex formed handlebars

Self-generating power system

Cost: Roughly £499

Description Of Product:

The Kettler Golf P Eco is actually a masterpiece among exercise equipment that we are sure you’ll easily adore initially sight. This stationary bike features an eco-friendly energy generator meaning you’ll never need to plug it and which you can use it almost anywhere in the home. It stores and uses electricity out of your own pedalling action that makes it a really efficient machine. Kettler refers to this as cutting your carbon footprint.

Product Specifications:

Extra safe and sound gravity pedals which are extra wide with low access and straps

150kgor 23.5 gemstones maximum user weight capacity

Dimensions – 100cm Lengthy x 53cm Wide x 130cm High

The Golf P Eco weighs only 40.2kg

Product Features:

The Golf P Eco has easily adjustable seats and handlebars for the safety and comfort. Additionally, it includes a unique Heartbeat Light technology that warns you if you are not in exercising correctly by altering the LCD backlight color. It’s eco-friendly if you are inside the target zone however it turns red if you are overdoing it and blue if you are not doing the work enough. So regardless if you are doing cardiovascular training, fat loss exercises or leg muscle strengthening, we are certain this is actually the perfect exercise equipment for you personally.

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