Have you ever consumed psychedelic mushrooms? Well then, you must be aware of some new coming alternative holiday healing mushroom retreats where the main value is the therapeutic use of magic mushrooms. After finishing magic mushrooms or psychedelic mushrooms, you will start to experience a completely different perception from your stress and issues. This effect may begin around 30 minutes to 1 hour after your mushroom consumption. The feeling is quite intense and will make you feel lightheaded and happy. However, to make the most out of this experience, there are certain things that you need to follow. Let us have a look at what these steps are:

Try to stay in a secluded environment: After consuming psychedelic mushrooms, you will start to feel a little disoriented. You might get the urge to do things that you are generally not habituated to doing. You can either begin to laugh or cry. It can draw the attention of the people around you if you are in a crowded environment. That is why it is always better to remain in a secluded setting during your trip, this is why retreats are a great way to experience them, for example the Mushroom retreat in Mexico.

Try playing around with the dosage: If you wish to experience a more intense effect, it is better to go for a heavy dosage but you must always be in the company of someone you trust who is preferably completely sober, in other words, a trip sitter.. If you feel that you are just a beginner and wish to start slowly, you can go from a lower dose and then gradually increase your dosage. Your psychedelic reaction will also depend on the amount of food that you already have in your stomach. If your stomach is full, it may take a longer duration for the mushrooms to show their effect.

Wear comfortable clothes: You should ensure that you are completely satisfied while preparing yourself for the mushroom retreat. Try to wear loose and comfortable pieces of clothes. You can also try wearing old clothes as you do not exactly know what you will do during your mushroom retreat or magic mushroom experience. You may even end up spoiling your clothes. So, do not go for expensive clothing while you are consuming psychedelic mushrooms.

Try to eat or drink later: If you consume mushrooms on a full stomach, you might not experience the effect completely. It will also reduce the intensity of the impact as it will take a longer time for the mushroom to get absorbed by your body. Also, consuming magic mushrooms on a full stomach sometimes makes you feel nauseous. So, try to eat or drink only after the effects of mushrooms have started to fade away. 

Consume your mushroom with something acidic: Acidic substances can intensify the effect of psychedelic mushrooms. That is why you should always consider consuming your mushroom with something sour. It is going to make the impact happen faster. The intensity will also greatly increase.

Few takeaway thoughts:

And this is how you can make the most out of your Magic mushroom retreats. You can visit our website for more details on mushroom retreats.

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