For the beautiful looking face, everything counts these days. The quality of the skin, pigmentation, tightness of the skin, symmetry, position of eyelids, are some parts of beauty standards. These standards are high, and many people are willing to enter the process of enhancing their beauty.

Facelift procedure

Facelift procedure has been developed a lot, so today, you can choose different types of a facelift procedure. The famous facial surgeon Dr Hodgkinson can offer you a classical facelift, mini facelift, mid facelift, and S lift.

Facelift procedure results can amaze you

The classical facelift procedure will shape your face and neck. Depending on the patient’s goals, the doctor will focus on certain areas.  This procedure will elevate facial skin and fix underlying muscles, so laxity and sagging can be eliminated. Then, the surgeon will correct the skin on the lower face and neck.

One more, very common procedure, is the mini facelift. This procedure will focus on the neck, jowl, and chin making them tighter, by creating small incisions and elevating the skin.  A mid facelift will correct the sagging skin on the cheeks and middle part of the face, while the S lift will only give your cheeks the tighter look.

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is commonly an additional procedure to facelift, but of course, you can undergo just eyelid procedure. People who are considering eyelid procedure are those who have bags under their eyes or sagging and droopy eyelids. The procedure is also known as blepharoplasty, and it can fix both of your issues on the upper and lower eyelid, or you can undergo just one from these two procedures.

You will gain improved look by correcting your eyelids

The upper eyelid surgery Sydney with Dr Hodgkinson requires general or local anesthetic with the sedatives. One small cut will be made, and the doctor will remove excess skin and fat, giving your eyelid a tighter look. It is similar with the lower eyelid, and most importantly, after these procedures, you will not have scar tissue.

Laser treatment

As skin ages, it becomes very sensitive to external and internal factors. Imbalance in hormones can affect the look of the skin, and the UVA and UVB rays can change the skin pigmentation in the long run. Laser treatments are very effective when it comes to these issues. They have been improved for the last few years to have the best effect on the skin with almost no side effects.

For example, the picosure laser treatment can eliminate skin pigmentation, remove or reduce acne scars and generally improve the look of the skin by reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. This great feature can in few treatments rejuvenate your whole face.

Final word

It’s amazing how some face procedures can offer you exactly what you need. Your job is to find out which procedure is that and the best option is to talk with the specialist in this field. The procedures we have had mentioned above, are the most required ones for those issues.

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