Drug addiction means addiction to not just the illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, etc., but can be for some prescribed medications that are suggested for treating some diseases and disorders. One such medication that can cause addiction in users is benzodiazepines, or also known as a benzo, and is prescribed for treating insomnia and anxiety issues. 

Benzo has a way of causing a sense of addiction in users if they exceed the suggested dosage time duration. The patients will require detoxification therapies for this medication addiction and the best center for Benzo detox in Los Angeles is the concise recovery center. This center is best known to offer the right approach for patients in their journey of rehabilitation and detoxification. You can visit their website to know more. 

Benzo addiction causes 

The causes of benzo addictions in patients suffering from anxiety and insomnia can be because of some basic factors such as genetics and environment. Genetic causes include family history of addiction in the patient’s family. 

The environmental causes include the types of situations to which the patients are exposed and the impact of such situations on their mind. The initial stages include anxiety and insomnia resulting in need for this prescribed medication for curing these problems. 

Signs of addiction

Here are some of the signs in the benzo addicted patients. 

  • Social withdrawal 
  • Continuous visits and consultation with the medical practitioners for obtaining more prescriptions. 
  • Isolation from the family 
  • Forging the prescriptions 
  • No longer interested in the once-enjoyed activities 
  • No interest in showing any interest in their career life 

Physical symptoms 

  • Headaches 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Light-headedness 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Fainting 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Unsteadiness 

Psychological Effects 

The psychological effects of benzo are explained below. 

  • Mental confusion 
  • No desire to participate in the tasks that come with the extended attention 
  • Manic-type moods 
  • The sudden display of irritability and annoyance 


The effects of benzo addiction are just like addiction to other drugs. Some are listed below. 

  • Amnesia or memory impairment 
  • Chances of suicide 
  • Blunted emotions 
  • Self-harming behavior 
  • Gradual decline in both the mental and physical health 
  • Symptoms that are associated with some mental disorders 
  • Estrangement or isolation from the friends and family members 
  • Social isolation 

Overdose of Benzo 

The overdosing of benzo by addicts can result in many effects. One such effect is a toxic reaction. Benzo is a type of potent medication for curing insomnia or anxiety issues. Taking this medication in high dosage will not cure the issue related to sleep, but will result in causing some toxic reaction in the body of the users. 

The possible results of overdosing on benzo include reduction in the heartbeat as dangerously slower as possible and sometimes may even result in patients entering the comatose condition. 

Studies have shown that the chances of relapsing to the usage of benzo by addicts are quite higher than compared to the other drugs. The constant usage of this medication will make the body of the patients tolerant to it, and thus patients look for the effect by increasing the dosage. The best way to avoid this problem is by medical help. Hence, find the right detox center for your dear one.