There are various cancer hospitals in Noida; this article will help you get hold of the seven best hospitals.

  1. Zeeva Oncology
  2. It is one of the foremost cancer hospitals in Noida and Delhi NCR. The Cancer department is handled by the Zeeva Oncology division.
  3. It was founded in 2019 by two co-founders, Dr. Vikas Goswami and Dr. Shweta Goswami.
  4. They provide the best team of doctors and surgeons for better guidance and support facilities.
  5. They use cutting-edge technology, which helps in providing the maximum levels of services and treatments.
  6. One of the main perks of Zeeva Clinic is the posh location in Noida.
  7. The clinic also has every required equipment with advanced infrastructure.‚Äč
  8. The best oncologist in Noida, Dr. Vikas Goswami, is the experienced Senior Consultant at Zeeva Clinic.

If you are wondering about the best oncologist in Noida, you must refer to him for the best advice and suggestions.

  1. Fortis Memorial Research Institute
  2. Fortis Memorial Research Institute is a share of the main Fortis Healthcare Limited chain. The next option is available if you are looking for a good cancer hospital in Noida.
  3. This separate clinic is for cancer patients and aids in providing the best possible services to the patients.
  4. The main feature of this hospital comprises:
  5. Several treatment facilities for every type of cancer.
  6. Advanced technology to perform various surgeries, radiation therapy, and medical methods.
  7. It also looks after the best cooperating environment between the other departments to promote a healthy setting.
  8. They even offer provisions for transplanting the bone marrow.
  9. The best part is that they provide a pain management department for the people who suffer a lot of pain during their suffering.

Its panels have the best doctors, such as Dr. Vinod Raina and Dr. Nandini Hazarika.

  1. Apollo Cancer Institute
  2. Apollo, as we know, is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted hospital chains.
  3. The Cancer Institute at Apollo Hospital provides better services through ultra-modern technological systems for cancer patients.
  4. They have NABL accredited labs which act as a bonus to the hospital.
  5. They also have IMRT, which stands for Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for executing radiation treatment.
  6. They also offer an Exclusive Brain lab iPlan system. It helps them to monitor the images to confirm the benign, which is non-cancerous, and malignant, which is hazardous tumors.
  7. They are available 24*7 for any support and pain management needs.
  8. One thing which makes it different from other hospitals is that its website contains hospital brochures in Arabic, English, French and Russian languages which helps in communication barriers for Non-Indian patients.

Their panel members include high experienced doctors and surgeons such as:

Dr. Amita Mahajan

Dr. Dipanjan Panda

Dr. Feroz Pasha

Dr. G K Jadhav

Dr. Sameer Kaul

Dr. Sapna Manocha

  1. Artemis Hospital
  2. Artemis hospital was founded in 2007 and placed in Gurgaon and rapidly grew among people through their excellent results.
  3. It has made itself one of the leading cancer hospitals in Noida, providing a special care unit for cancer patients.
  4. It is backed up with Accreditation by NABH and Joint International Commission and has a separate facility for the oncology department.
  5. The team of doctors is well experienced with trained staff members.
  6. They also provide transplant facilities for various organs.
  7. They even offer a unique “tumor board” for discoursing complex cancer cases.
  8. They look at the total support system for international patients.

The primary doctors are listed below:

Dr. Hari Goyal

Dr. Rakesh Chopra

Dr. Subodh Chandra Pande

Dr. S. Jayalakshmi

  1. Max Institute of Cancer Care
  2. Max Institute of Cancer Care is in Saket.
  3. It offers dedicated services to cancer patients and provides with best services such as:
  4. It has a housing volume of around 250 and 68 critical care beds.
  5. They provide certified medical services of NABH stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, and NABL, which stands for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
  6. They even look for better pharmacy and laboratory services with 24*7 availability.

The panel of doctors includes:

Dr. Harit Chaturvedi

Dr. Anil Kumar Anand

  1. BLK Cancer Centre
  2. This hospital was established in the 1950s by Dr. B.L. Kapur. They have immensely grown and advanced in these vast periods.
  3. They offer the facility of separate cancer division cells for treating all types of tumors.
  4. Offer transplanting facilities such as bone marrow transplants for bone cancer.
  5. The doctors and staff are highly qualified with significant years of experience.
  6. They perform various chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery to cure cancer.

The best doctors serving in the hospitals are:

Dr. S.Hukku

Dr. Shikha Halder

Dr. Ashish Goel

Dr. Kapil Kumar

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pande

  1. Moolchand Cancer Hospital
  2. Moolchand Cancer hospital is in Lajpat Nagar, serving patients with cancer with its utmost medical facilities.
  3. They promote moto selflessness and offer services at an affordable cost.
  4. They perform all the techniques to cure the problem through effective diagnosis, screening, and treatment of cancers using surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.
  5. They are accredited by NABH, NABH Blood Bank, and JCI, which stands for Joint Commission International and NABL.
  6. It was also awarded as the initial hospital in the world to accept ISO Platinum Certification.
  7. They provide pharmaceutical services 24*7 hours.
  8. They also offer specialty labs to modify techniques to make proper diagnosis for different types of diseases.

The doctors of the panel are:

Dr. Amit Upadhyay

Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar

Dr. Sumant Gupta

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