During a wisdom tooth extraction, dentists remove one or all wisdom teeth. As you know, wisdom teeth grow on the back of your mouth, and cleaning or brushing them is too hard. Therefore, it is better to remove them to prevent future dental issues. They mostly grow compacted and affect the position of other teeth. As a professional dentist offering affordable wisdom teeth removal cost in Toronto says, according to the position of your wisdom teeth and their complexity, dentists will offer different methods to remove them. A simple and surgical extraction is the most practical and valuable method to extract your wisdom tooth. As shown by the names of these procedures, your dentists will remove your wisdom tooth easily if it grows as a normal tooth. On the other hand, they will perform surgery to remove the compacted or stuck wisdom tooth. Although surgical type is complicated, its severity depends on your chosen dentist.

wisdom teeth removal cost in Toronto

Simple Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you have a wisdom tooth like regular teeth, your dentist can extract it. A simple wisdom tooth extraction is proper for fully emerging wisdom teeth.

Compacted wisdom teeth are not a good choice for a simple extraction process. Dentists can remove wisdom teeth simply if they have enough room to grow.

 Moreover, wisdom teeth with a proper growing process are good candidates and options for simple extraction procedures. Since simple extraction can be painful, dentists must use local anesthesia.

They numb your mouth and soft tissues, then extract your wisdom tooth quickly. Moreover, the surroundings of your wisdom tooth must be numb too.

After your gum tissue gets numb, dentists start the extraction process. There is a unique elevator tool that loosens your wisdom teeth from its socket. Dentists will remove wisdom teeth with the help of this tool quickly.

 They also can use forceps to remove your wisdom teeth. Simple wisdom teeth extraction is a short dental process and takes only a few minutes. It is a straightforward dental treatment.

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom teeth removal cost in Toronto

Surgical wisdom tooth extraction is suitable for impacted wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, some wisdom teeth will stop growing under your gum tissue, and it will cause different dental issues.

Dentists will perform a surgical wisdom teeth removal process for those wisdom teeth which did not come out of your gum properly.

 In addition, some wisdom teeth are decayed and damaged, and their removal process will be complicated so the surgical procedure will be the best method.

Broken and severely damaged wisdom teeth are the best choice for surgical wisdom tooth removal. In this procedure, same as the simple removal process, your dentist will use anesthesia to numb your gum tissue.

Additionally, sedation can be helpful and make you feel relaxed and cozy during the wisdom tooth removal procedure. Dentists need to have an incision in your gum soft tissue to get access point to your wisdom tooth.

This surgical treatment can be challenging because dentists must remove your jawbone and cut it to perform the extraction process best. They will need special facilities.

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