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The treatment contains utilizing radiofrequency, or RF, technology for the therapy of the skin. It takes advantage of warmth to enhance the core layers of the skin. The RF technology heats the layers of collagen, which plays an essential function in the substitute of dead skin cells, in your skin, hence helping in remodeling the existing collagen along with producing new collagen. This, subsequently, enhances the appearance as well as smoothness of the skin.

The procedure triggers the skin to generate new collagen of its own along with the strength of the existing collagen fibers. It makes exercise of the natural processes in the body as opposed to depending upon surgery to enhance an individual’s skin.

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What can Thermage deal with?

By undertaking this anti-aging therapy, you can, in fact, deal with wrinkles, as well as fine lines on your body consisting of the eyes, hands, arms, thighs, face, butts, and so on. Additionally, it also helps in smoothening the uneven, as well as dimpled skin of the body. Aside from this, the anti-aging therapy can, likewise, decrease the look of the cellulite, the under-skin fat that triggers lumpiness of the skin, momentarily.

Who can go through Thermage?

This procedure is constructed for clients who don’t wish to do a medical facelift. This does not suggest that it is an alternate to a surgical facelift. Both these procedures, i.e., Thermage therapy and medical renovation have their advantages and disadvantages.

Individuals dealing with Thermage treatment include:

  • Those who do not wish to go through a medical facelift
  • Middle-aged ladies showing indicators of drooping jowls/cheek folds up
  • Middle-aged women displaying signs of neck/eyelid/brow sagging
  • Those who have earlier had a facelift; however, wish to enhance the structure of their skin better
  • Those who want to strengthen their skin framework without going through a surgical procedure

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