Nose surgery is also known as Rhinoplastic surgery, is a popular form of cosmetic surgery. When a surgeon is performing this operation, it wants to make some changes in the nose. It can include shaping or reshaping the nose or improving breathing function. Since it is a very challenging surgery, it is necessary that an experienced surgeon is guiding the operation. All the stages in the process require special attention both by the surgeon and the patient. Before setting up the operation is it is also necessary that the surgeon chooses the right technique.

Things to Avoid Before the Nose Surgery 

Before a patient makes Preparation for Nose Surgery [เตรียมตัว ก่อน ทํา จมูก which is the term in Thai ], it is necessary that the person understands some important criteria. 

  • A patient should not be less than 16 to undergo the entire operation. If it’s less than 16, then proper consultation is required by a doctor.
  • Clearing all the problems related to the nose before the doctor is very beneficial
  • Smoking is to be strictly restricted. Otherwise, it will create more damage to the nose.

Taking the right medication before the surgery begins is a very vital process; otherwise, it will cause severe consequences after the operation.

Understanding the Potential Risk of the Surgery 

Before indulging in any kind of operation, it is very crucial to know all the details of the operation. The doctor should give an overview of the risk of potential in the surgery. In every surgery, there is a risk but taking precautions is also there. If you choose to make your nose symmetrical, the doctors should risk doing the operation. This will not help the doctor but also the patient to avoid any severe problems in the future. Hence before the surgery, a complete overview is beneficial.